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Distinguished Service Award Presented to Northrop Elementary Staff Member

On Monday, April 17, 2017, Jim Sprankle, Northrop Elementary custodian, was presented with the Medina City Schools Distinguished Service Award.  This is the highest award bestowed upon a district employee.  During a short presentation during the buildings “Morning Motivator,” Superintendent Aaron Sable had these words from Sprankle’s colleagues to share with him and his family along with the students and staff of Northrop.


“For Northrop’s head custodian, Jim Sprankle, it is all about the outcome.  Whether it is running a race or keeping Northrop in outstanding condition, Jim gives 100% at all times.  Jim is a team-player who is fully invested in his job each and every day.  He is flexible, always cool and calm, and is always willing to share his smile and friendly face with Northrop students, parents and staff.  He holds a strong work ethic and goes above and beyond no matter the task.

Jim is known as the quiet Energizer Bunny around Northrop.  He has already worked up a sweat before staff and students arrive for the day making sure carpets are vacuumed, sidewalks are shoveled, and any classroom needs are addressed.  Jim is always willing to take the extra step in his job to do anything for Northrop staff and students.  He has been known to come in on weekends, arrive early and stay late especially if he knows the evening custodians are short-handed or if there is an event going on after hours.  He takes great pride in his work and wants everything to be just perfect. 


When things get hectic, he takes a deep breath and remains flexible and calm.  Nothing ever seems to rattle him.  He just says, “Sure!  Whatever you need.  I’ll be right there.”  Jim is invested in Northrop’s students and is always there for them.  It is important to him to make sure the students have the best, cleanest, safest learning environment possible. Whatever it takes to make it happen, Jim is on it.  A couple of years ago, Jim took it upon himself to take CPI training and watch the hours of training videos all in one day.  He did this because he saw a need in the building. He takes care of special event needs before he is even asked always with a smile and not a single complaint.  Jim truly cares! 


Jim does not want recognition although it is truly deserved.  It is an honor to have him as part of the Northrop Family.  Jim’s dedication to our district and the pride he takes in his work make him an irreplaceable asset to Northrop and the Medina City School District.  Thank you for working with such heart each and every day.  You’re the best, Jim Sprankle!”


Jim Sprankle with Family

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