Mr. Smith’s Physical Education 

    Physical Education Rules:

    1. Do What’s Right
    • Follow Directions
    • Listen while the teacher is speaking
    • Be a good sport and encourage others
    • Take care of the equipment
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
    1. Do Your Best
    • Always give your best effort
    • Try new skills/games, even if they seem difficult
    • Always come to class with athletic shoes that you can participate in

    Dress Requirements:


    • For safety purposes, athletic shoes must be worn to class.


    1. Please remember to dress appropriately for indoor or outdoor activities by wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing that is weather appropriate.

    Injury or Illness

    1. If the child cannot participate in all or part of class
    • Detailed note from home stating what the child can and cannot do
    • Note from a doctor if the child needs to be excused from more than one day in a row P.E. (Remember your child will only have a maximum of 2 days a week of P.E.)
    1. Injury or illness in class
    • Report any injury or illness to the teacher immediately so proper care can be given


    1. 1st time = Warning
    2. 2nd time = Time out for 5 minutes (teacher-student conference)
    3. 3rd time = Time out for entire class and contact parent/guardian

    **Safety concerns will cause immediate timeout**