• Each year, parents are required to update their child's information (emergency contact info, medical information, directory release, etc.) through our Registration Gateway update system.  Parents need their child's student ID # (students may think of it as their lunch code) and birthday to access their account.  Parents must log in for each child using that child's student ID and birthday.  Please enter the birthdate  as mm/dd/yyyy  following that format exactly, making sure to include the / between the month, day and year. 

    Registration Gateway is now open for the 18/19 school year and must be completed by August 6th in order to receive a letter (after August 10th) with the name of your child's teacher.  Please click here to access Registration Gateway Update.

    Changes of addresses and/or custody must be updated at our district Registration Office on Weymouth Rd. (proof of new address or custody is necessary).