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Back to School Plan

  • Below please find a link to the Back to School Safely Plan (rev. 07-02-2021).  Please note this document may be adjusted as necessary.


District Calendar for 2021-2022 School Year

  • While we are not mandating masks we do encourage students and staff to wear masks. We are mandated to follow state health department regulations in cooperating with the local health department in following state contact tracing and quarantining procedures. Wearing a mask greatly reduces an individual's chances of being quarantined according to the current procedures. Our goal is to keep students safe and in school. 


    To view the information, please click on the image below.


    Mask Up Medina City Schools Image

Mask Mandate Information by Building

  • To view the chart containing the latest data with regard to building mask mandates, please click on the image below.


    Mask Mandate Data as of October 5-21

    No buildings are under a mask mandate through the end of the school day Friday, October, 28, 2021  

Change In Quarantine For In School Exposure K-12

  • Medina County Health Department Notice of Quarantine 10012021

Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure

  • Updated Quarantine Chart

Parent/Guardian COVID Symptom Checklist

  • Below is a link to the Parent/Guardian COVID-19 Symptom Checklist.  It is expected that all parents/guardians conduct an assessment on a daily basis with their children.  


    Parent/Guardian COVID Symptom Checklist