April 9, 2024 Board of Education Special Meeting

Board of Education Reductions Presentation

  • Below is the presentation from the April 16, 2024, Board of Education meeting discussing the 2024-2025 school year reductions.


    Medina City Schools 2024-2025 Reductions

Board of Education Reductions Discussion April 19, 2024

Precaution Discussion at the January 22, 2024 Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

Five-Year Forecast Presentation November 20, 2023

During the November 20, 2023, regular meeting of the Board of Education, District Treasurer David Chambers reviewed the current five-year forecast. To hear his presentation, click on the video below.

Five-Year Forecast November 20, 2023 PowerPoint Presentation

  • To view the five-year forecast presented by Treasurer David Chambers on November 20, 2023, click on the image below.


    Financial Forecast Key Indicators & Analysis Image