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Medina High School Latin Club Achieves High Ranks at the Latin Club Convention

It was an exciting weekend for the nineteen Medina High School students who attended the 69th Ohio Junior Classical League Convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Columbus, Ohio from March 8-10, 2019. The students won eighty-five awards. They were ranked seventh in the state per capita (number of delegates) and eighth overall among the best and brightest students in the state from the most competitive private and public schools. The competition included twenty-three schools with nearly six hundred students competing.

The students competed in academic, creative and graphic arts contests to earn their rankings. The delegation included seniors Jessica Brei, Payton Cassel, Natalie Claus, Emma Davis, Emily Hathcock, Sarah Hoag, Allison Horner, and Zoe Rupp. Juniors included the following: Calla Conway, Natalie Gerig, Nick Kindrat, Ben Prochaska, Caitlin Sammon, Jimmy Steffen, and Laney Talaski. Sophomores included Matthew Dannery, Anna Fletcher and Abby McKee.  Freshman Jessica Kancler rounded out the delegation.

In the Creative Arts, the following students won awards: Dramatic Interpretation: Emma Davis; first place; Anna Fletcher: fifth place; Sarah Hoag, seventh. In Latin Recitation (Upper): Ben Prochaska; second place; Calla Conway: fifth place. InSight Reading (Upper) Ben Prochaska won sixth place.

In Graphic Arts, students won in Upper Small Model: Zoe Rupp, third place. In Tile Mosaics, Anna Fletcher won fifth place. In Computer Enhanced Photography, Payton Cassel won sixth place; Traditional Photography (Upper), Payton Cassel, second place; Jessica Brei, third place; Sculpture: Calla Conway, third place. Charcoals: Sarah Hoag, sixth place. In Colored Pencil: Sarah Hoag, ninth place; Payton Cassel, tenth place tie; Emily Hathcock, tenth place tie. In Ink Drawings: Payton Cassel, second place; Allison Horner, fifth; Calla Conway, seventh place; Laney Talaski, eighth place. In Mixed Media (Upper), the following students were awarded: Caitlin Sammon, second place; Jessica Brei, seventh place; Allison Horner, eighth place tie; Payton Cassel, eighth place tie. In Oils and Acrylics: Caitlin Sammon, third place; Jessica Brei, fourth place; Payton Cassel, fifth place; Sarah Hoag, sixth place; Emily Hathcock, ninth place.

      In Pencil (Upper): Sarah Hoag, third place; Emily Hathcock, eighth place. In Watercolor: Caitlin Sammon, first place; Emily Hathcock, fifth place; Payton Cassel, sixth place. In Pottery: Allison Horner, fifth place. In Jewelry (Lower): Anna Fletcher, fourth place; Jessica Kancler, fifth place. In Jewelry (Upper), Payton Cassel, 3rd place; Allison Horner,5th place; Calla Conway,7th place; Jessica Brei,9th place. In Woodworking (Lower), Matthew Dannery, eighth place. In Woodworking ( Upper), Payton Cassel, third place; Natalie Claus, sixth place;  Natalie Gerig, seventh place, Laney Talaski, eighth place; and Zoe Rupp, ninth place. In Decorative Stitching, Payton Cassel won ninth in the state. In Dolls, Anna Fletcher won fifth place. In Textiles, Zoe Rupp won second place; Allison Horner won tenth place. In Constructed Maps, Jimmy Steffen won tenth. In Drawn Maps, Anna Fletcher won fourth place. In Illustrated Children’s Book, Emily Hathcock won fifth place. In Illustrated Quotes, Payton Cassel won eighth place.

In Academic Contests among the top and most competitive students of Latin in the state:

Mythology (Level II), Sarah Hoag won ninth place. In Mythology (Level III), Nick Kindrat won third place. In Pentathlon (Level II), Anna Fletcher won tenth. In Pentathlon (Level III), Jimmy Steffen won ninth place; Calla Conway won tenth place. In Reading Comprehension (Level III), Calla Conway won sixth place. In Roman History (Level III), Jimmy Steffen won second place; Nick Kindrat won ninth place. In Vocabulary (Level II), Abby McKee won tenth place. In Vocabulary (Level III), Calla Conway won sixth in the state.  In Academic Contests for Derivatives (Level III), Jimmy Steffen won ninth. In Grammar (Level III) Calla Conway won seventh in the state. In Latin Literature (Level II), Matthew Dannery, fifth place; tied for eighth place, Anna Fletcher and Sarah Hoag. In Latin Literature (Level I) Jessica Kancler won ninth place. (Level III), Jimmy Steffen eighth; Calla Conway, ninth place.

In Pre-Convention projects in Modern Myth stories Sarah Hoag won fourth place; Abby McKee won fifth place. In Poetry, Abby McKee won first place; Sarah Hoag won sixth place and Emma Davis won eighth place. In Multi-Media, Allison Horner won fourth place.

In Creative Arts Sweepstakes (all), Ben Prochaska won seventh in the state. In Graphic Arts Sweepstakes (all), Payton Cassel won second place for most points earned.

The Club Scrapbook received a silver medal and an Excellent Rating. The Club Banner received a Silver medal and an Excellent rating.

Gratulationes! Optime, Discipuli!


Medina High School Latin Club Ready to Go to Columbus for Latin Convention   MHS Latin Club in Stairwell at Latin Convention