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Medina City Schools Board of Education Names Officers for 2019

During the organizational meeting of the Board of Education on Monday, January 7, 2019, the Board of Education elected the new officers for the 2019 year. Ron Ross will serve as president and Valerie Pavlik will serve as vice president.


Incoming president Ron Ross stated, ​"I am absolutely honored to be the Medina City School Board of Education president for 2019. We, as your Board of Education, plan to work with Superintendent Aaron Sable, Assistant Superintendent Kris Quallich, Treasurer Dave Chambers, and the entire staff, to continue to educate our children by supporting our five year strategic plan that was developed in 2017 with input from our community, staff, parents, and students. This upcoming year will be the second year of its implementation.


I want to thank Mrs. Parkhurst, outgoing Board president, for her energy, enthusiasm, and leadership in guiding the school board this past year. I learned so much from her; her shoes will be very difficult to fill. My desire for 2019 is to continue the momentum seen over the past few years by keeping our school district moving in a positive direction, facing our challenges and finding the right solutions so we continue to improve, maintain the culture of transparency we have earned with our community, and diligently focus on each and every student, every day. Go Bees​."


Outgoing president, Rebecca Parkhurst shared, “​It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as president of the Medina City Schools Board of Education this past year. 2018 was a big year for the district as we entered the second year of our strategic plan. The highlight for me was the support of the community with the passage of the levy in May. That could not have happened without the dedicated support of Kids First Medina, administrators, teachers, staff, students, and our community. The passage of the levy has allowed for financial stability of the district making the next steps of the strategic plan possible which included free all-day kindergarten and additional course offerings at the high school and middle schools, just to name a few. As a result, not only are we on target with our plan, but we have also found other ways to provide more services to our students all while remaining fiscally responsible. I am proud to be a member of this board and of our community. I am excited to continue on this journey. We are one district, one community and we are all moving forward together.​”


In addition to their service on the Board, members serve on a number of state, Board of Education and district committees. At the state level, they serve as delegates at the Ohio School Board Association’s Annual Meeting. Board members serve as appointees on the Curriculum and Instruction Committee, Facilities Committee, Finance Committee, and Policy Committee. District committees, in which board members are liaisons include: Finance Liaison, Community Relations Liaison, Building and Grounds Liaison, Academic/Student Achievement/Technology Liaison and Legislative Liaison.


The current Board of Education members are: Doug Eastwood, Rebecca Parkhurst, Valerie Pavlik, Ron Ross and Robert Skidmore.


Ron Ross Board of Education President 2019


Valerie Pavlik Board of Education Vice President