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Medina High School Staff Shows Support for Seniors

We all have been navigating what certainly has been an unprecedented time in our recent history.  Especially now, seniors at Medina High School have been on the minds of the entire high school staff and all of the administration. It has been a priority of the District to recognize and celebrate Medina High School seniors and their tenacity in achieving one of the greatest milestones in their lives.  


Thanks to the work of the recently formed Graduation Committee, the District is working on several ways to celebrate the seniors. In addition to the recent Facebook social media campaign, beginning on Wednesday, April 29, and continuing through the week, members of the Medina High School staff will be personally delivering a “Class of 2020” sign in front yards of these students recognizing the hurdles they have overcome and their successes. “You are and always will be a part of the Medina High School family, in good times and in bad. These signs are a representation of your triumph and a message that we are in this together,” said Medina High School principal, Jeff Harrison. In addition to the signs, if a student ordered a cap and gown, they will be delivered, without contact, at the same time.   


“More information will be forthcoming in the next week with regard to other plans to honor our Seniors,” said Harrison. 


Signs for seniors and their caps and gowns that will be delivered April 29-May 1