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Congratulations Tiffany Emerson Kosman Recipient of the Medina City Schools' Distinguished Service Award

Tiffany is truly a shining example of all that is remarkable about Medina City Schools.  A Bee herself, she attended elementary school at both Fenn and Canavan Elementary Schools and is a proud graduate of Medina High School. Tiffany has returned to her alma mater and has been with the District since 2006.

Her love of teaching was evident even before graduating from Ashland University with both her undergraduate and Master’s degrees.  As a junior, Tiffany supervised a project through the university and the Ohio State Extension called Fishy Science. The curriculum, developed by Tiffany for first-grade students provided a weeklong hands-on inquiry-based experience that was presented to Canavan Elementary students and teachers by Tiffany and fellow college students she enlisted. 

Tiffany's greatest professional accomplishment has been her incredible work as a dedicated kindergarten teacher for Medina City Schools. There is no limit to Tiffany's desire to help her students grow and thrive. She has been known to spend hours on the phone or in after-school meetings talking with families to learn as much as possible about the children in her classroom. She consistently provides for her students using her resources so that everyone in her classroom has an opportunity to participate in the activities during the school day.

In a time when so many are stressed with their family obligations and the rigorous demands of results-based teaching, Tiffany continues to persevere. She is always looking for the next best strategy, the secret to unlocking learning or just getting a giggle out of a student.

Tiffany is a leader. She is a math CDC and has served on countless District Leadership committees. Even when things are very difficult, she always sets a “can-do” tone at Garfield Elementary School.  She will say, "We’ve got this!"  There is something about her down-to-earth approach that encourages her colleagues to believe anything is possible.

Tiffany is an excellent teacher on whom other professionals rely and emulate. Medina City Schools can be so very proud to have a homegrown teacher in Tiffany.