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Medina City Schools Board of Education Elects Officers for 2021

During the organizational meeting of the Board of Education on Monday, January 11, 2020, the Board of Education elected its new officers for 2021. Robert Skidmore will serve as president and Rebecca Parkhurst will serve as vice president.


Incoming president Rob Skidmore stated, “As president for 2020, Valerie has worked hard over this past year to continue a great relationship between the Board and administration. She has been a tireless advocate in her efforts to research matters before the Board helping us to take a broader look at issues. Valerie has always been an advocate for students. She has demonstrated her leadership by personally attending the virtual graduation ceremony this past year welcoming students and their families.  Valerie always has a positive attitude and always sees the good in others. She is the first Board president that has had to preside over meetings virtually during this unprecedented time-a first in the District.  We very much appreciate all of her hard work and efforts over the course of this past year.”


Outgoing president Valerie Pavlik added, “I would like to personally congratulate Mr. Skidmore on his appointment to Board president.  Working closely with Rob this year, I witnessed endless times his unwavering commitment and dedication to the District.  He has a gift to be able to look at situations from many different angles and he respects and values the differences of opinions in every conversation. This past year has been one of the most challenging years of my life as it has been for everyone in the community. The District faced many challenges and unknowns these past 10 months and I am grateful to have had Rob serving as VP working alongside Aaron, Dave, and the rest of the Board and the administrators to navigate through these turbulent times. It’s a good team and I look forward to continuing to serve the community making Medina City Schools the best in the state.  Thank you Rob for sharing your wisdom and guidance this past year.” 


The current Board of Education members are Brian Hilberg, Rebecca Parkhurst, Valerie Pavlik, Ron Ross, and Robert Skidmore.  In addition to their service on the Board, members serve on a number of state, local, Board of Education and District committees. At the state level, they serve as delegates at the Ohio School Board Association’s Annual Meeting. Local committees include the Recreation Center Advisory

Board and the Advisory Commission on Communication Enhancement Support Services (A.C.C.E.S.S.). Board members serve as appointees on the Curriculum and Instruction Committee, Facilities Committee, Finance Committee, Policy Committee, and Business Advisory Committee. Valerie Pavlik will serve as a representative of the Medina County Career Center Board effective 2021 through 2023 due to the resignation of Rob Skidmore.


Medina City Schools Board of Education President Rob Skidmore

Medina City Schools Board of Education Vice President