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Medina High School Student Council Attends Service Day Learning About Recycling

On Sunday, November 14, 2021, Medina High School Student Council met for a service day to learn about recycling disposable water bottles and micro and macro plastic waste.  The day began with a brainstorming session on the good and the bad of disposable water bottles.  Mrs. Niemantsverdreit, a science teacher at Medina High School, presented an interactive lab on microplastics and water contamination.  The students had a great time using microscopes and competing for prizes as they learned about the dangers of microplastics in our water system.  


A video on the recycling efforts in Côte d'Ivoire, Africa was shared with attendees demonstrating a great women’s initiative program recycling plastic bottles and turning them into bricks used to build schools. The students attending thoroughly enjoyed a discussion with Dr. Justin Brantner, a science teacher at the high school, covering macroplastics and the dangers of plastics in our oceans and waterways.  


These students began a campaign to encourage the recycling of plastic bottles and using reusable water bottles at school by making posters and creating videos for morning announcements.  The service goal is to bring awareness to students about recycling and reducing plastic waste.


Senior Class President Alex Henry stated, “I had such a fun time and the service day opened my eyes to the extremely harmful effects of plastic.  I really hope the campaign reaches the students and encourages them to recycle.”  JuniorPaul Ceccolicommented, “I learned a lot about recycling (efforts) in Africa and how the program worked from collecting the bottles to making the bricks.  It is an amazing program that we should support as much as possible.”


Student Council has been hard at work creating Medina-themed coasters to sell during lunch periods as a fundraising effort to help the Côte d'Ivoire program with all proceeds going to Unicef to help in Africa.