Medina City Schools Hall of Fame Selection Committee Seeks Nominations for Class of 2022

Medina City Schools Hall of Fame Nomination Committee Seeks Nominations for the Class of 2022


The Medina City Schools’ Hall of Fame Committee is currently seeking nominations for the Class of 2022.  The Hall of Fame recognizes and honors individuals who have made important contributions and have provided extraordinary service to their community and chosen field and recognizes non-graduates who have served as positive role models for Medina City School students and have significantly promoted and supported the District.  


There are five categories in which individuals can be nominated:  Academic/Career/Life Accomplishments; Athletic Accomplishments; Cultural/Performing Arts; Special Honorary Achievement; and Major Contributions to the Medina City Schools.  If you would like to make a nomination, please complete the Hall of Fame nomination form located on the Medina City Schools website.  Hard copies of the form are also available at the Medina City Schools Board of Education Office at 739 Weymouth Road.

For more information, please contact Amy Busby at



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