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    Volunteers make our school Fenntastic!  

    Squeezing in a few hours or even a few minutes can make a big difference! Volunteers make many after school, fun events possible, and help support many in-school activities also.  Volunteers are allowed in the building this year on a limited basis, and must be background checked to work with students. 

    Contact our PTO President Renee Horton at for more information.



    Upcoming Events

    Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 4th, at 6:30 p.m.  We hope many parents will be able to get involved with all the activities at our school!


    Committees for 2022/2023

    Please contact current President Renee Horton at if you would like to volunteer to head up a committee.  You can check out the list below from the 19/20 school year to see what some of the needs are.  

    Here is a list of our committees and chairpersons for the 2019/2020 school year.  


     Meeting Minutes:


    Please check our Facebook page for meeting minutes, as well as lots of other information! 


    Event Planning Paperwork--to be used when we are again allowed to schedule events

    Facility Use Form--complete to reserve space at Fenn for your event

    Guidelines for Cash Box, Deposits and Reimbursement

    Cash Box Request--complete if your event will have an entrance fee at the door or if you are selling items at the event

    Reimbursement Request--for approved items purchased to use at an event

    Deposit Notice--to document deposits made after an event


    Free Funding Options       

    Get information on all of the Free Funds Options that the Sidney Fenn PTO participates in throughout the school year to raise money for our students.






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