Bee Northrop Proud

  • Eliza Northrop Elementary School opened in August 2009. Eliza Northrop Elementary School was named after Miss Eliza Northrop. She was the first teacher to teach in a one-room log cabin in Medina Township in 1817. She began teaching in the summer of 1817 with 23 students of all ages. Miss Northrop was also the first person to be married in Medina Township on March 23, 1818. 


    The Northrop family was a prominent family in Medina Township have helped to establish the area. Her brother, General Duthan Northrop, served in the Civil War, and was very close friends with General James A. Garfield.


    One of the nominations for Miss Northrop stated:  "Looking back on 1817, I wonder if someone could have told Eliza Northrop that in the year 2009, almost 200  years from then, there would be a school holding hundreds of children named in her honor, would she have looked around her one-room schoolhouse and her 23 students, and simply smiled."