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  • Thank you for stopping by our page!   We use this to keep you updated on events happening with Claggett PTO.

     Welcome back to Claggett for the 2019-2020 year!  The PTO board is looking forward to a fun year ahead with a couple of fundraisers and many great activities for our Claggett Kids including our Halloween Bash..our biggest and best fundraiser of the year!  The PTO fundraisers provide much-needed funds for activities as well as projects within the school that greatly affect our kids and teachers.   Last year the money raised went to providing many things for our kids and teachers, like much-needed playground equipment. including the Gaga Pit Mat, which has helped save many knuckles and knees!   We also provided money for gifts to Claggett Kids Christmas.

    We encourage you to join the PTO at our monthly meetings held in the cafeteria on the first Wednesday of the Month from 6:30 pm - 8 pm.  You will find out what is going on at the school, what activities that your children may not have told you about (trust us, it happens!) and also find out opportunities to help with the upcoming activities.  Volunteerism is not required at all…but we certainly will appreciate any help or helpful ideas.   Below are some very simple ways to help.

    Claggett PTO & Amazon Smiles

    Claggett PTO is now under Amazon Smiles. While shopping on Amazon you can choose Claggett School Parent Teacher Organization and a portion of your sale will go to Claggett PTO. Please use this link when signing onto 

    Box Tops for Education, Coke Rewards & Our Family UPC’s

    Please keep saving Box Tops, Coke Rewards codes (found on the pop caps and inside the boxes of 12 & 20 packs!  We will have a collection in December and another in May. The top two students who collect the most box tops will receive a $25 Gift Card to Target!!!