Important Traffic Information

  • Before School For safety reasons, avoid Union Street for drop-off. The buses block off all traffic from the bus loop driveways and the east driveway/visitor parking is exit only. Stopping along Union Street to drop off in front of the school is unsafe and strictly prohibited.


    Please enter from North East Street, on the south side of the building:


    Option 1 Turn left and pull forward to the new pavilion, drop off your child, loop around the parking lot and exit southbound on North East Street.

    Option 2 Turn right and follow the driveway around to the double yellow “Drop-Off Start Line” by the B4 door, drop off your child and exit onto Union Street.


    After School You may park in the back lot on the south side of the building, behind the playground or in the visitor lot on the east side of the building. Please enter from North East Street. Remember that the east driveway is an EXIT ONLY driveway and is not intended for long-term parking.  Please do not park in the bus loop or along the west side, by the modular classrooms. This area is reserved for bus traffic only.