• Medina High School has existed in its current location since the Fall of 1973.  The facility underwent major renovations and additions which concluded in the Fall of 2003.  Previously, Medina High School was housed in what is now Garfield Elementary, the Medina County Administration Building, and Claggett Middle School.  


    After the completion of the renovations, the "house" concept was introduced.  The was originally divided into four "houses," each with its own principal. Students stayed within their "house" for as many core classes as possible but were permitted to take classes outside of their "house" as well.


    In the 2009/2010 school year, the neighborhood concept was presented.  The four "houses" were combined into two "neighborhoods" with its own core academic area, principal, faculty, and guidance counselors. Students with the letters A-K in their last name are in "House White."  Students with letters L-Z starting their last name are in "House Green."  A centralized food preparation area and two cafeteria/serving areas support the houses.  In partnership with the City of Medina, the Medina Community Recreation Center and Performing Arts Center directly attached to the high school building and available for community use.


    Medina High School