What is Makerspace?

    Located in the MHS Media Center, the Makerspace is a place to execute your ideas; Challenge yourself and others; Introduce yourself to new technology and fuse it together with art. The possibilities are endless here and just waiting to be created ...by YOU.  Makerspace offers so much more than just machines. It will equip you with the tools and understanding needed to be respectful citizens, responsible decision makers, collaborators and communicators. This is a safe place to fail and try again. This in turn produces resilient lifelong learners - All of which make up our "Portrait of a Bee."

    Who is allowed to use Makerspace?

    Makerspace is available to staff and students alike. For staff, Makerspace is open daily. There is a log-in book you can sign-into anytime after school hours. For students, Makerspace is open 1st-12th period only or unless otherwise stated.

    Do I have to bring my own supplies?

    Yes, For personal projects, you must bring your own supplies. For class projects or something school related, please speak with the Makerspace attendant.

    What if I don't know how to use the machines?

    No worries! The Makerspace attendant is there to show you the ropes! Stop by during school hours or send them an e-mail. They will set you up for success!

    Can I place an order and have someone else make a project for me?

    Unfortunately, no. We provide the space and the Machines. You have to put in the effort! Besides, it will feel good to accomplish your goal!

    Can I collaborate with the Makerspace?

    Yes! Every collaboration will be unique. Whether you have an idea or you are looking for someone to brainstorm with. Reach out to the Makerspace attendant so you can get the ball rolling!

    Does the Makerspace accept donations?

    Yes, we do! We will take any arts-and-crafts items that you no longer need.