Attendance Office

  • Linda Florian (A-K)

    Phone: 330.636.3208



    Diane Boccio (L-Z)

    Phone: 330.636.3206



    Call-off Line   330.636.3207

    Voicemail available 24 hours a day


    Fax:  330-636-3802  ATTN:  Attendance Office


    Request for Vacation Travel Form


    Reporting Student Absences

    • If a student will be missing school, a parent needs to call the Attendance line.  The parent will need to spell the student’s last name, give his/her school ID#, and the reason that he/she is absent.
    • If a parent does not call, the student will be marked “unexcused absent” and an automated call will be generated by 10:30 a.m. each morning.
    • If a student is late because of an orthodontist, doctor, dentist, court appointment, etc., the absence will be excused if the student brings in a school excuse from the doctor, dentist, etc. to the Attendance Office.


    If a Student Becomes Ill in School

    Students should report to the clinic with a pass from his/her teacher. If the student walks or drives home, the nurse will call a parent/guardian to obtain permission for that student to leave the school. If the student is being picked up, the driver can  pick up that student at the front entrance A-7 doors-in the vestibule by the main office. The nurse or school staff may escort the student out if necessary.


    As has always been our policy STUDENTS SHOULD NOT BE USING THEIR CELL PHONES TO CALL PARENTS DIRECTLY TO GO HOME ILL - We will enforce that any student leaving the school ILL MUST be excused through the clinic.



    Tardiness to School

    Oversleeping, car trouble, power failures, traffic problems, frozen car locks are all unexcused tardies.  A note or call from a parent to the Attendance Office regarding the reason is always appreciated and will be noted for your student’s records.  A Principal or his/her designee shall make the final determination between excused or unexcused tardy if necessary.


    As the student accumulates tardies to school, the following consequences may result:

                4 tardies ~ One (1) ASD

                8 tardies  ~ (2) ASDs

                12 tardies  ~ 2 hour Saturday school and notification

                16 tardies ~ 4 hour Saturday school and notification


    Leaving Early

    Parents/guardians are to send in a note requesting their student leave early for an orthodontist appointment, doctor’s appointment, court, etc.  The note must be dated, and include the reason for the absence, and the time that the student is to leave school.   These notes should be brought to the attendance office by the student.  Parents/guardians may also email attendance instead of sending a written note. Dismissal slip will then be delivered to the student.  The parent does not come in to sign out the student.  The student will then meet the parent outside of the building at the designated time.


    Phoning in a request for a student to leave early is discouraged, although sometimes unavoidable.   Parents need to realize that it may take time to find the student, especially if the student is in a gym class or at lunch.  Dismissal slip will then be delivered to the student.  The parent does not come in to sign out the student.  The student will then meet the parent outside of the building at the designated time. 


    Planned Absences

    The student needs to tell his/her teachers about the absence and make arrangements to make up the work.  The parent needs to call the attendance line in advance and give the dates and reason the student will be missing school, such as vacation, surgery, etc.



    Ohio law does not specifically allow vacation travel to be considered an excused absence from school. In situations that are essentially unavoidable, schools are permitted to grant excused absences in order to travel. Medina City Schools allows up to 5 excused vacation days per year.


    A Request for Vacation Travel is required to be filled out and turned into the Attendance Office well in advance of the intended absence.  The form can be found under Forms on the MCS website, on the MHS website, on Blackboard under the Forms tab in the MHS Student Organization and this link.  Request for Vacation Travel Form


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If a student will miss more than approximately 65 hours (10 days) due to a vacation, parents/guardians are required to un-enroll their student from the Medina City Schools and re-enroll them upon return from vacation. This is done by contacting the Office of Registration at Questions concerning this procedure may be directed to Dr. Kristine Quallich, Asst. Superintendent.