Social Studies Overview

  • In Medina City Schools we are committed to preparing our students to fully participate as citizens in a democratic society. This includes a robust study of history, government, economics, and political science. In middle school and high school, students are exposed to dynamic instruction and engaged in the study of American and world history and government. Students are introduced to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and study the United States Constitution and landmark Supreme Court cases.


    In 6th and 7th grade, students study world cultures, religion, and ancient world history. In 8th grade students study American history from exploration through reconstruction. In 9th grade students return to their study of world history and continue to recognize historical connections between ancient and modern government and society. In 10th grade, students resume their study of American History, focusing on the late nineteenth and early to modern twentieth century. Students are also introduced to the study of economics, including world economic systems and the undergirding principles of American capitalism. Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus options are also available to students in order to earn dual credit and prepare students for the college academic environment.


    Medina City Schools expects more of students than rote memorization of dates, names, and facts. Students are challenged to think like historians. An inquiry and project-based approach engenders in students a love of historical thinking and investigation. The foundation of our curriculum is based in historical thinking processes: Chronological Thinking, Historical Comprehension, Historical Analysis and Interpretation, Historical Research Capabilities, and Historical Issues Analysis and Decision Making.


    Social Studies is a State tested subject in and high school grades 10, and 11 (American History & Government).


    Middle School and High School Course Progressions