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  • Welcome to the Medina City Schools' Treasurer's Department


    Medina City School's Treasurer’s Department works hard to support continued academic excellence while meeting the district priority to responsibly manage the resources provided by the community. The Board of Education and administration are committed to responding to Ohio’s budget issues with involvement in the legislative process in Columbus and with budget controls at home.


    Medina is fortunate to have sound budget practices in place that have provided stability and opportunities for students.


    Since 2005, the Board of Education has used financial parameters to monitor and contain expenditure growth. Originally enacted in 2005 and then extended through 2016, these parameters provide a mandate to the administration to:


    • Limit growth in the General Operating Fund budget to no more than an average of 2.5% for fiscal years 2006-16
    • Cap the General Operating Fund budget at $76.5 million for fiscal year 2016
    • End fiscal year 2016 with a General Fund cash balance greater than $18 million.

    To meet the expectations of the community, the district will continue to control costs while preserving an outstanding school system. The Board and administration will continue to provide schools that add value to the community.

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