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    Evolve Academy Overview


    Program Description

    Evolve Academy is an Alternative School for students on an IEP who have not been able to effectively learn in a traditional school environment due to their psychological, behavioral and / or emotional stressors. We generally serve students grades 3 -12.  Evolve focuses on educational and social / emotional growth that conventional schools are unable to address, with a lower staff to student ratio.  Students participate in groups and individual sessions to build coping skills and self-esteem with the end goal being able return to school in the community.


    Business Buddy Mentoring

    We have a mentoring program with over 18 businesses around the greater Medina downtown square.  Evolve students will receive a placement with a business owner within the first 60 days upon enrolling.  Once a month students head out to experience the world of work for a two hour block of time.  Staff rotate and monitor students as they are on the job sites.  The year kicks off in September with a meet your mentor luncheon and ends with a picnic in late May.  Students have the chance to turn this into a summer job.  Our studetns really look forward to this monthly activity.  We have a wide array of business types and try to match up our students with their interest levels.  Studnets 5th grade and younger do a monthly tour of a local business.   


    Staff make-up

    Our staff is of a 50/50 make-up.  We are half Medina City Schools and half Bellefaire menal health support.  The combination of highly qualified special education teachers and trained mental heath specialist makes us very unique and well suited for the student population we serve.  We currently have 1 elementary class, 2 middle school classes, and 2 high school classess.  


    Evolve Academy Mission Statement

    Evolve Academy uses Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as a proactive approach to establish the behavioral supports and a social culture needed for our students to achieve social, emotional and academic success.  Through social and emotional learning (SEL) students will learn and practice the skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. These social and emotional skills are critical to being a good student, citizen, and worker.


    Evolve Academy’s Vision Statement

    Students will be empowered to make effectives choices so as to become responsible individuals within their families, community and world.


    Evolve Academy’s Keys to Success

    •         Trustworthiness
    •         Respect
    •         Responsibility
    •         Readiness
    •         Mindfulness


    When you follow these keys to success you will find that you will be successful not only at Evolve Academy but in all facets of life.


    Evolve Academy Goals:


    Our number one goal is to build relationships with our students.  We will also take a detailed look at what a student needs to accomplish to return to their previous school setting. If they do not wish to return we will design a pathway for sucess.  A pathway for sucess can be a plan to attend one of the local career centers, find a job after graduation, or attend college.  We are stong advocates for Trauma Informed Care, PBIS, and Restorative Justice.  All students at Evolve will have a detailed treatment plan designed by our school therapist and mental health team.  IEP team planning is also a very important component of keeping our students goals in mind.  In the end we want our students to work the program; I.E. Participate in morning meeting, be active in both individual and group theraphy,  work hard on academics, and understand and manage their stress triggers.    

Upcoming Events

  • First Day of School 8/19/19

    Open House 9/10/19

    Evolve Thanksgiving 11/14/19

    Field Trips


    Ramseyer Farms  

    MCCC Challange/Ropes Course


    Veterans Day  


    8th grade MCCC tour


    Weathervane Playhouse


    Sports World Factory (T-Shirt Design)


    Akron Zoo

    Cedar Point

    Akron Ruber Ducks

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