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    The Department of Pupil Services at Medina City Schools oversees a wide variety of programming and resources within the district. The primary responsibility of the department is oversight of all phases of the district's special education programs, which includes the Helping Hands Preschool and out-of-district placements that involve Medina students. Other responsibilities include providing district test coordination services, assisting with English Learner (EL) issues, providing Section 504 disability support, assisting with positive behavior interventions & support implementation, and guiding Multi-Tiered Systems of Support implementation.  


    For additional information on the Helping Hands Preschool, please visit the Northrop Elementary building page under "Our Building."


Announcements from Pupil Services

  • “Child find” is the process of evaluating and identifying children who may be in need of special education and related services. Both state and local education agencies are given the responsibility by federal and state laws to conduct child find activities, so that children who need special instructional supports have the opportunity to receive those services.

     “Child Find” is also designed to promote public awareness of disabilities, to alert the general public about children who may have special needs or disabilities, to assist school districts in finding children who may have disabilities, and to enable children (and their families) to receive the special education services/supports that are needed.

    For the purposes of “Child Find,” a disability may be defined as either a documented developmental delay or diagnosed condition in children from birth through age 2 and, for ages 3 through 21, identification as meeting the criteria for one of the following categories of eligibility: Autism, deaf-blindness, hearing  impairment (including deafness), learning disability, intellectual impairment, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, other health impairment, speech or language impairment, traumatic brain injury, and/or visual impairment (including blindness).

    Almost anyone can assist the district in locating children who might have these needs. If you know of a child who might fit one of the above categories, please contact Medina City Schools’ Department of Pupil Services so that we can gather information that will help us to decide whether the child needs to be evaluated. Free testing is available to families to determine whether a special education need exists. Once identified, the services and supports needed to provide an appropriate public education are provided at no extra charge as well.

    The Medina City Schools’ Department of Pupil Services can be reached at 330-636-3090 or via email at pazitkam@medinabees.org to share any concerns you may have about a child’s development.

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    Mrs. Mine Pazitka

    Director of Pupil Services

    739 Weymouth Rd

    Medina, Ohio 44256

    Phone: 330.636.3081

    Email: pazitkam@medinabees.org


     Ronda French Assistant Director of Pupil Services

     Mrs. Ronda French

    Assistant Director of Pupil Services

    739 Weymouth Rd

    Medina, Ohio 44256

    Phone: 330.636.3072

    Email: frenchr@medinabees.org


    Mary Mitman

    Mrs. Mary Mitman

    Administrative Secretary

    Phone: 330.636.3090

    Email: mitmanm@medinabees.org

    Contact for: Tuition Issues


    Christine Douglas  

    Mrs. Chris Douglas

    Special Education Secretary

    Phone: 330.636.3825

    Email: douglasc@medinabees.org

    Contact for: IEPs, ETRs, Special Transportation