Medina City Schools 1:1 Initiative

  • Medina City Schools has made the decision to go 1:1 with Chromebooks in grades 2-12.  1:1 means one device for each student. The District Technology Vision Committee, comprised of teachers and administration, has been meeting all school year to determine the District direction for technology purchases. Through staff surveys and research, the committee decided that our District was ready to make this leap.  Many area districts are already 1:1 including Brunswick, Black River, Cloverleaf and Buckeye. Wadsworth is also looking to make the move next year.


    The committee wanted to make sure that if the students are receiving devices, all of our teachers would have access to the devices as well.   As of now, some teachers have devices and some do not. “We want to make sure that all teachers get a Chromebook so they will be prepared to use them with students.  We are still very early in this process, so more information will be coming in the following weeks/months,” said Tina Cassidy, Director of Instruction. Currently, the District has around 4,050 devices.  In order to be 1:1, the District will need to purchase approximately 1,500 more.


    The move to 1:1 will roll out in three phases. In 2019-2020, the high school will go 1:1, followed by both middle schools in 2020-2021 and then all elementary schools, grades 2-5, will follow in the year 2021-2022.  As the plan moves forward, only high school students will be allowed to take the devices home. Students will have the same Chromebook issued for each of their four years returning it during summer months. As they graduate, the students will have the option to take the Chromebook with them (fee?).  Students in grades 2-8 will have only have access to their Chromebook at school.  The policies and guidelines with regard to the devices are located on the District’s website at of Instruction.


    The devices will be purchased by the District, with an optional $30 insurance fee offered to parents which would cover the cost of fixing the Chromebook if it were to break.  Extra devices will be located in the school media center in the event a student device breaks or is left at home. High school students can expect to be able to pick up their Chromebook in early August.  In order for a student to receive their Chromebook at the high school level, parents/guardians must sign the Acceptable Use Policy on Registration Gateway during the student update period prior to receiving the device.  All Chromebooks must be returned at the end of the school year or if a student leaves the District.


    Below, please find links to the 1:1 Guidebook and a FAQ Sheet for parents.


    1:1 Handbook

    FAQ Fact Sheet For Parents