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    Students enrolled in a nonpublic or community school may be entitled to pupil transportation services from the public school district of residence provided that the state Board of Education prescribes minimum standards pursuant to division (D) of section 3301.07 of the Revised Code for the nonpublic or community school for which they attend.


    Upon enrollment in a nonpublic or community school, the parent/guardian should contact the Transportation Department of the public school district in which they reside. Without this initial contact, the public school district will not have any knowledge of the student's transportation needs.


    Where it is impractical to transport a pupil by school conveyance, a Board of Education may offer payment in lieu of providing such transportation in accordance with section 3327.02 of the Revised Code.


    The criteria for qualifying for Payment-In-Lieu of Transportation is that the transportation time be no more than thirty (30) minutes of direct travel time as measured by school bus from the public school the child would be assigned to in the public school attendance area if the child attended public school to the nonpublic or community school.

    The following schools are the only schools that have been determined by Medina City Schools and/or the Ohio Department of Education to fit this criteria:


    • Ghent Academy
    • Kids Country (Medina & Akron)
    • The Learning Garden
    • Northside Christian
    • The Nurtury
    • Old Trail School
    • Royal Redeemer Lutheran School
    • Sacred Heart
    • St. Hilary Elementary School


    Each of the above eligible schools will receive blank application forms prior to the start of the school year. Parents are required to fill out one (1) form per student. Completed forms are to be returned to the Medina City Schools Transportation Department and must be received no later than the first Monday in October in order to qualify for payment. Payment is distributed at the end of the year in May.