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  • Welcome to Flyer Central, the Medina City Schools' online flyer posting page. Please view community flyers by category below. For posting eligibility, please see the information below located under "Posting to Flyer Central."


Community Events & Programs

Posting to Flyer Central

  • Please read the information below to determine if your flyer is eligible to be posted on our site.


    Any person or organization wishing to have informational material posted on the district website’s “Flyer Central” must complete the Flyer Central Request Form, provide a copy of the material to be posted, and provide proof of non-profit registration with the State of Ohio and/or be tax exempt under IRS code section 501 (C) (3). This information should be emailed to the district at least ten (10) days in advance of desired posting.


    Upon submission of this form, please send your flyer to with the subject line "Flyer Central." You will be notified by email regarding the approval or non-approval of your request. Questions? Call 330-636-3012, 330-636-3030 or fax us at 330-636-3006.


    Criteria for Posting


    The posting may be authorized if the material:

    • is related to a current course of study offered by the school district;
    • ties in with a District-sponsored activity;
    • is unrelated to a District activity, but is related to an activity for students that is conducted by an approved outside organization;
    • the activity/program is non-discriminatory and open and available to all students (this must be clearly stated on the information being posted);
    • meets current board policy


    Permission to post material does not imply agreement or disagreement of its contents by either the administration of the school district, the Superintendent, or the Board.