School Closing Policy

  • The Medina City School District recognizes that weather conditions caused by snow, ice, or other weather emergencies can create a situation that makes it unsafe for students, parents, and staff to travel to and/or from school. The following procedure will be used on regularly scheduled school days when emergency weather conditions warrant.


    Factors Used to Determine if a Delay or Closing is Necessary

    A. Weather Forecasts - Weather conditions and events are very unpredictable. We will never cancel school or dismiss school early solely on a weather forecast. Weather events must be occurring and deteriorating for school to be cancelled or for us to dismiss early.

    B. Extreme Heat - The Superintendent has the discretion to close buildings on days of extreme heat.

    C. Snow - Generally speaking snow is not a primary reason for closing school. As long as roads are not drifting shut, it's possible we would have school even with a sizable snowfall (e.g., greater than four (4) inches).

    D. Road Conditions - As referenced above, road conditions dictate many of our decisions. Due to the fact the District is widely spread out, we primarily consider road conditions in Medina City, Medina Township, and Montville Township. Each of these entities operates independently with regards to snow removal and road salting. An evaluation of each area is critical in making an informed decision.

    E. Cold - We will look at wind chill and air temperature (also road conditions) when making a decision relating to cold weather. Please remember that we do live in northern Ohio so cold winter weather is not uncommon. In most situations, if air temperature is 0 to - 10 with a little or moderate wind chill, we will likely have school. Air temperature of - 20 or below (regardless of wind chill) will probably cause us to cancel school. If the temperatures are between -11 to -19 and depending on wind chill, road conditions, and other current weather conditions, we may or may not have school.


    School Closing, Delayed Opening, and Early Dismissal Due to Inclement Weather

    An assessment of road conditions, neighborhood sidewalks, and school parking lots and walkways will be completed by the Medina City Schools Transportation, Maintenance, and Business Office. The preliminary assessment, which will include input from the city's street department, will be completed as early as possible. The Superintendent, after having received the preliminary assessment of existing conditions and the most current weather forecasts, will make the decision to open schools on schedule, open two (2) hours late, or close schools. The decision made by the Superintendent will be announced to local television, radio stations, the District's website, and the automated caller system.


    Schools Open-Early Dismissal

    The decision to open schools on schedule will be made when it is believed that students and staff will be able to travel safely to their school destinations. Should there be a situation where weather conditions worsen during the school day, the Medina City Schools may announce an early school dismissal. Public announcements will be made in the same fashion as a closing or delay approximately one (1) hour before the students are dismissed. In preparation for early school closing due to calamity, parents are encouraged to have a contingency plan in place for where their child should be sent. Parents are also encouraged to notify their child's school office as to the arrangements that have been made. Prior arrangements of this type will facilitate a smooth early dismissal and reduce the stress associated with a calamity closing. Advanced preparation for the likelihood of any early dismissal due to a calamity will also ensure that children will not be going home to an empty house.


    Schools Open - Two Hours Late

    The decision to delay the opening of schools by two (2) hours may be made for the following reasons:

    A. Travel conditions are potentially unsafe in the early morning hours, but are expected to improve during the day.

    B. Acceptable travel conditions exist in the early morning hours, but weather forecasts are predicting that worsening travel conditions are imminent.

    C. Other unforeseen situations (power outages, damaged vehicles, damaged building(s), etc.).

    When Medina City Schools are operating on a two (2) hour delay scheduled all morning kindergarten programs will also be delayed two (2) hours. Dismissal time for all morning pre-k and kindergarten programs will be one (1) hour later than the normal schedule. Start time for all half-day afternoon kindergarten programs will be one (1) hour later with a normal dismissal time.



    Normal Schedule (No Delay)

    8:45 a.m. start; 11:15 a.m.Kdg. release; 1:00 p.m. Kdg. start; 3:30 p.m. end

    With Two Hour Delay

    10:45 a.m. start; 12:15 p.m. morning Kdg release; 2:00 p.m. afternoon Kdg start; 3:30 p.m. end


    The two-hour delay announcement may be followed by an announcement that the Medina City School District is now closed for the day. This follow-up announcement may be required if after a reassessment of travel and school building conditions there is an indication that schools should remain closed for the day. The decision to close schools after previously announcing a two-hour school delay will be announced as soon as possible.


    Use of School Buildings and Evening Events

    If Medina City Schools is closed all events held in District owned building are cancelled. The Superintendent may also cancel events held in District owned buildings on the weekend or on days that school is not is session due to road weather conditions.


    All school sponsored events are cancelled on days the District is closed due to weather. The Superintendent may over-ride this rule if road and weather conditions improve.