Facility / Room Rental

  • Medina City Schools will make school facilities available for community use whenever it does not interfere with school activities, does not cause the district to incur additional costs, falls under the provisions of existing law, and is an appropriate use of the facilities in the judgment of the district.


    Below is our Facility Rental Program Guide.  This guide answers many questions and contains the fee schedule. 


    Also below is the Request for Use of School Facilities Form.  Completed request forms will need to be submitted to the school/building office where the event will be taking place or to the MCSD Business Office, 739 Weymouth Rd.  


    All rental requests are subject to approval by the building administrator and Ryan O'Cull, Director of Business Affairs. 


    For all Performing Arts Center rental and reservation information, please contact the Theater Office at 330-636-3400.


    Thank you!