• ProgressBook

    Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, Medina City Schools initiated the use of parent accounts for ProgressBook.  This tool enables the parent to view grades, missing assignments, attendance and more.  To initiate this account, a registration key was sent to all Primary Parents in the students registration file.  This approach is done to ensure that the legally responsible individuals receive the registration key for their child.  If a second registration key is needed, one can be generated following the instructions on the form listed below.  Registration keys were sent out in the Fall and will be resent again in the Spring.

    Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, ProgressBook will be the only tool moving forward for parents to view grades, so it will be important to those who were using Parent Portal to make the switch.  

    To comply with HB33, we are now required to report to parents all student results for state testing (End of Course, OST) in June.  Medina City Schools will do this by uploading individual results to the ProgressBook application so all parents who are logged in can access.  We will also be sending home parent reports as we always have in the early part of the school year for you to view as a hard copy.  

    CLICK HERE to view the instructions to get logged into ProgressBook. 

    Instrucciones in Español