Classroom Tech & BYOD

  • As the 21st-century job market values skills like collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, flexibility, civic literacy and cultural awareness the Medina City Schools technology department seeks to provide opportunities for students to learn these skills in Pre-K through 12th-grade classrooms. We believe the best way to engage students in 21st-century learning practices is through the integration of technology devices and online services in board-adopted curriculum. 


    In addition to devices, the district has adopted the LMS (Learning Management System) Blackboard. Blackboard is the vehicle in which course content is curated and electronically delivered to students. This allows teacher to utilize purchased digital content into the online space for more flexibility and access for students anytime and anyplace.  Medina City Schools is also a Google Apps for Education district which allows teachers to supplement the content in Blackboard with other collaborative and productivity tools such as Google Classroom, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Presentations.


Board Adopted Devices as Part of The Curriculum