• The Technology Team directly designs, implements and supports the District’s technology infrastructure by utilizing modern continuous improvement methods to meet the ever-increasing demand for faster speeds and more throughput. In coordination with the Superintendent and Department of Curriculum & Instruction, the team strives to expose our classrooms to as many emerging technologies as possible so students are empowered to do more complex and creative work by using multiple digital and online applications and tools. Ensuring that our classrooms are as effective as possible contributes to the District’s goal of maximizing educator and student achievement, thus allowing our students to rapidly become technologically skilled and therefore better prepared for the modern workplace.

    Did you know…?
    Throughout the district, the Technology Department supports over:

    • 2000 Windows computers
    • 7500 Chromebooks
    • 600 Ipads
    • 385 Boxlight touchpanel screens
    • 100 Macbooks

    These devices are interconnected through the District’s modern, secure data network consisting of over:

    • 100 switches
    • 450 wireless access points
    • 3000 switch ports
    • 100 miles of data cabling
    • 20 miles of fiber optic cabling